Repairs (guitar service Kiel)


...dressing stubborn frets
...bonding painful fractures and cracks
...getting the unbelievable out of your guitars by seemingly simple notching of the nut
...changing creaking potentiometers and toggle switches
...reanimating dead electronics
...not stopping by that. If you've got another problem, just ask us!

During years of repairing and modifying electric and acoustic guitars and basses, we have developed competence in reanimating most stringed instruments. Running a custom shop added to these competences just as well. If you're unsure whether we're able to repair your banjo, mandolin or whatever you may want to have revived, please feel free to ask us. We can obtain most original parts, which makes us able to gently revive your vintage ladies.

Bonding fractures and cracks starts at € 80.

Prices (excerpt)

Dressing frets
Replacing the frets
starting at € 179
starting at € 279 (incl. re-notching the nut and setup)
Bonding fractures and cracks starting at € 80
Replacing the nut starting at € 90
Everything else just ask us!

We do not only bond broken necks!

We're able to elicit astounding things out of (nearly) every guitar. Bad string action is nothing you have to cope with! Au contraire: the best guitar player cannot get nice tunes out of a badly adjusted guitar. Notching the nut, dressing the frets and the final adjustment are work steps that require a lot of experience and fine motor skills. These steps are often neglected in the industrial production due to possible cost reduction. Dead spots on the fretboard? Frets buzzing around? No flat action possible? We'll help you regain the joy with your instruments!

If dressing the frets doesn't help anymore, we replace them (starting at € 279).